Natural Sandstone Paving

Our range of Natural Sandstone Paving is quarried from different geographical locations and has been especially selected for its durability, texture and breathtaking natural colours.

The Sandstone Paving is naturally split with riven surfaces and finished with age-old hand-dressing techniques. Each individual piece is unique in its natural beauty with its own vibrant colourways, texture and shape. The edges too have been hand-dressed.

Natural Limestone and Slate Paving

With a beautiful surface finish and distinctive colour, our Natural Limestone Paving will give a striking and individual look to your patio. Carefully sourced, this natural stone product offers you the opportunity to use something a little out of the ordinary in your garden. With its clean cut lines and generally smooth surface texture, Limestone Paving lends itself to a traditional or contemporary style.

The natural beauty of slate is becoming increasingly popular whether used externally or internally. Our Slate Paving offers a smooth and light riven surface with clean cut edges. Each paving stone exhibits unique, naturally occurring characteristics in colour, feel and texture.

Available in soft Blue/Black and multicoloured Rustic Gold in three accurately cut and proportional sizes.